Отель Украина


Standard Single

Single room with an area of 18 m2. The best option ...

Price:560UAH per night

Standart twin

Double room with an area of ​​18 m2 with two separate ...

Price:760UAH per night

Полулюкс с кроватью «QUEEN SIZE»

Однокомнатный номер площадью 36 м2. В номере — большая кровать. Кроме ...

Price:860UAH per night

Junior Suite with single Beds

Convenient and comfortable room with two separate beds. A cozy interior, ...

Price:860UAH per night


An exquisite two-room suite with a spacious seating area. In one ...

Price:980UAH per night


Multi-room “apartment” of 72 m2, consists of a cozy bedroom, a ...

Price:2500UAH per night

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